Thursday, July 29, 2010

2009-2010 Year in Review for the DCG (sort of)

Glad to be back after a year in which the DeWitt Creativity Group experienced a significant amount of growth. The events are detailed on the DCG's Web site Rather than summarizing the key moments from last year I want to briefly touch on the progress of the DCG.

The past year marked the transition of the DeWitt Creativity Group from a local orgnaization to a regional one. This came about as a result of a number of initiatives such as the Creative Teachers' Summit, applying for a Pepsi Refresh Grant, participating in a panel discussion regarding businees incubators, and establishing a partnership with the (Lansing Economic Area Partnership) LEAP, Inc.. We are now working with numerous other regional organizations throughout the Lansing area to organize and engage other innovative high school programs/teachers/students. Imagine several groups of innovative students and teachers working on a multitude of projects that have the potential to enhance the quality of life and create a culture of innovation.

A specific example of such a project is the Adopt-A-Business-Program developed by the DCG's Jeff Croley. Students will find a business to partner with and exchange services for credit. If a new business start-up needs a Web site or logo designed, students can provide these at no cost. The business will have the option of accepting or rejecting the rendered services. Imagine what an empowering sense of accomplishment students will feel when they realize their work is good enough to be used for a professional business. Instead of merely job shadowing in the workplace, students will be using their knowledge and skills to make a vital contribution to the local economy. If this program is enacted on a regional scale, the mid-Michigan area can provide new entrepreneurial ventures free quality services. This will increase the region's economic competitiveness by nurturing undercapitalized start-ups. Additionally business incubators such as the East Lansing Technology Innovation Center and the NEO Center can help coordinate effective pairings between students and businesses.

I will continue to discuss other projects the DCG will pursue this coming school year in future posts. I want to thank some people for their invaluable assistance in helping the DCG:

Jeff Smith
Ivy Hughes
Tim Hunnicut
Tim Brannan
Thomas Stewart
Paul Jaques
Casy Cavanaugh
Austin Howard
Chris Miller
Tricia Bobeda
Tina Templin
Jody McKean
Sean Wade
Virg Bernero
Jamie Schriner- Hooper
Alan Hooper
Laura Krizov
Pam Jodway
Dru Mitchell
Denyse Ferguson
Steve Croley
Melissa Croley
Kate Tykocki
Sara Graham
John Czarnecki
Loretta Spinrad
Rod Taylor

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