Monday, July 13, 2009

DeWitt's "Impossible" Day: RiverBash 2009

On June 5, 2009 the City of DeWitt, Michigan eagerly anticipated RiverBash 2009. As the time approached for the start of the event, the many volunteers: students, teachers, parents, administrators, and business owners met any and every challenge that potentially could have derailed RiverBash 2009. The community responded to these efforts by attending and participating in a well-organized, fun, and family-friendly environment. Official estimates place the attendance of the event from 700-1,000 individuals. Ages of the attendees ranged from less than one year old to 90. Fears of an unruly or chaotic gathering proved unfounded as RiverBash was characterized by a celebratory and joyous mood - members of the community wanted this event and conducted themselves in a positive manner. The DeWitt Creativity Group and others were proud to help make this happen. Rather than merely summarizing what occurred during RiverBash 2009, here is a sampling of the many highlights:

  • Elderly citizens sitting with their grandchildren watching the Junior High School Band perform while eating ice cream cones from Scoopie Doo's.
  • Children exclaiming with glee after throwing an egg at Dan Nakfoor and seeing him catch it with his mouth, of course!
  • The crowds of students and parents assembling to watch the DHS Theater Department perform improvisational comedy in a vacant section of a building. The performance and the audience's reactions could be seen outside a large display window.
  • The unique psychedelic sounds of Caravan, a DeWitt based band of students and alumni, pulsating throughout River Side Park, prompting one observer to say, "I never realized how talented some of these kids really are."
  • More kids giggling and squealing with joy as they watch others gorge themselves on pizza in an eating contest outside of Water View Condos.
  • The appreciation at the welcome individuals from outside DeWitt were given by student volunteers. Several of these people displayed art under a tent and originally hail from places as far away as Africa and India.
  • Free canoe rides given by Friends of the Looking Glass River. The reactions of people watching an older generation teaching a younger one how to operate a canoe...priceless.
  • A resident from Okemos exclaiming, "We have to have one of these (a RiverBash) in Okemos."
  • Sam's Kitchen having to call for an extra dish washer to come in to help with the additional business.
  • The performance of Ari Herstand and his unique indie pop, causing a crowd of both teenagers and adults to sway back and forth clutching glow sticks to the music under a full moon.
  • A statement by a parent watching the crowd's reaction to Mr. Herstand and stating, "It's like a whole new DeWitt."

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